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To decorate a new house, choose wallpaper or seamless wallpaper? After comparison, I regret that my

Issuing time:2021-10-12 16:51Author:cailin

To decorate a new house, choose wallpaper or seamless wallpaper? After comparison, I regret that my family chose the wrong one


For house decoration, we should pay attention to relevant preparations. For house decoration, we should do a good job in wall decoration. For house decoration, we should choose appropriate materials. Wallpaper and wall cloth are good common decoration materials. To decorate a new house, choose wallpaper or seamless wallpaper? After comparison, I regret that my family chose the wrong one. Let's get to know it.

1、 Choose wallpaper or seamless wallpaper?

1. From the perspective of environmental protection, seamless wall cloth generally adopts high-tech environmental protection hot-melt materials or environmental protection nano PVC coating technology and non-woven bamboo charcoal composite technology, which is tasteless and non-toxic, making the environmental protection function perfect. Wallpaper can be divided into PVC wallpaper and non-woven wallpaper. Most mainstream products are pressed by PVC process. PVC raw materials are also environmentally friendly on the premise of meeting relevant national standards. However, the wallpaper market is large, some low-cost products can not meet the requirements, and there will be some harmful substances.

2. Comparison from seamless pasting: seamless wall cloth can be one cloth for one room or one cloth for one wall within the width range. After pasting, there is no seam on the wall, and there will be no curling, edge warping and cracking, which is also the biggest feature of seamless wall cloth. Wallpaper will have edge warping and cracking after using for a certain time, which is almost inevitable due to its characteristics. In addition, improper construction is also easy to cause edge warping and cracking, such as not paying attention to drying in the shade.

3. From the comparison of wear resistance: seamless wall cloth is woven by fibers, and its wear resistance is much stronger than wallpaper. It is not a problem for ordinary fiber fabrics to rub for dozens of times. Wall cloth is made of thousands of fibers, which shows its wear resistance and strong fastness. The wear resistance of wallpaper is poor compared with that of wallpaper. We often find that the wallpaper behind the tables and chairs against the wall is severely worn, and the tolerance of wallpaper to bumps and scratches is also lower.

4. From the perspective of "three proofs" and flame retardancy, the seamless wall cloth can be "mildew proof", "antifouling" and "waterproof" after corresponding process treatment, that is, the "three proofs". Generally, mild stains will not be stained, while local severe stains can be cleaned like washing clothes, or neutral detergent can be directly used without causing any damage. In addition, Seamless wall cloth can also be treated with flame retardant as required. According to the properties of different materials, the effect of "Three Prevention" is also different, but generally it can not be cleaned directly with water or cleaning agent, and it is impossible to customize products with flame retardancy.

2、 What are the advantages of seamless wall cloth?

1. Seamless pasting: the height is about 2.7-3m, which can make the whole wall without joints, deal with the problem that the patterns are not aligned and the joints occur, and there will be no glue overflow.

2. Green environmental protection: the seamless wall cloth adopts specific adhesive and has no smell. The environmental protection specifications meet the requirements of the national interior decoration rules. You can stay on the same day of construction.

3. Convenient construction: when sticking vertically, the gravity of the wall cloth can be applied to make it vertical in the air, improve the construction efficiency, and the construction cost is absolutely low.

4. Air permeability, mildew resistance and anti-corrosion: seamless wall cloth has superior air permeability, mildew resistance, waterproof, antifouling, mildew and oil resistance, and is not easy to mildew and decay. The seamless wall cloth discharges the moisture in the wall through small pores to avoid mildew and scattering on the wall, which is durable.

5. Easy to take care of: seamless wall cloth stops oil, dirt and waterproof treatment through special technology, and can be scrubbed with wet towel, so as to make the wall bright and clean.

6. Rich luster: the seamless wall cloth is strictly performed in accordance with the high standard of water washing and sun resistance. Under normal shape, it can ensure that the luster of the wall cloth will not fade or dim.

7. Flame retardant: the flame retardant level of seamless wall cloth can reach European specifications.

3、 What are the precautions for purchasing wall cloth?

1. Material of wall cloth: whether choosing wall cloth or wallpaper, three aspects should be considered: anti combustion, color and cleaning difficulty. In recent years, a large number of wall cloth or wallpaper have added fireproof materials, and some have added insect proof, mildew proof and sound-absorbing materials, which are undoubtedly very important for consumers who want to improve the grade of home.

2. Color of wall cloth: the wall is the space with the largest area of decorative materials in the living room. Therefore, the color system and patterns of wall cloth are the main direction of choice. Harmonious tones can convey the overall beauty, and the collocation of bright contrast will make the space lively and change.

3. Cleaning of wall cloth: whether it is easy to clean is another key point to consider when selecting wall cloth. Easy cleaning characteristics of wall cloth, including dust prevention and waterproof. For example, users are more concerned about whether they can directly wipe the stains on the surface of the wall cloth with a wet rag.

In fact, the decoration of the wall, whether choosing wallpaper or wall cloth, should pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning in the future. Otherwise, even if the decoration is beautiful, it will affect the overall beauty. We should be cautious in the decoration of indoor walls. We can decorate in combination with the decoration style of the family, and pay attention to the effect of color matching.

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