What material is good for the wall

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What materials are used to decorate the wall? It's economical

What material is good for the wall

1. Emulsion paint

Latex paint is one of the most expensive, but it has a high sales proportion in the market because of its good water resistance, alkali resistance and washing resistance. Water soluble coatings are cheaper, but their disadvantages are also obvious: they are not resistant to water and alkali, and are easy to fall off after moisture. However, due to their low price and convenient construction, they are often used for decoration of temporary shelters. Colorful coatings have various colors and patterns, so they are also more popular.

2. Facing brick

Facing bricks are mainly marble slab and granite slab. Due to the high price, there are more public and less household. Ceramic tiles, ceramic brocade bricks and glass brocade bricks are mostly used for family wall decoration, which is easy to clean and has fresh and beautiful decorative effect. The decorative panel is mainly made of wood, as well as stone, porcelain and metal. The commonly used wall panel is one of them. Wallpaper wallpaper is characterized by rich patterns and colors, which can achieve the visual beauty that ordinary latex paint can not achieve. Its base materials are also diverse, including all plastic, cloth base, asbestos fiber base and glass fiber base, etc.

3. Parapet

Even if they know the source and material types of formaldehyde, many owners are still at a loss when buying. First, there are too many brands on the market. Which brand is safer? It's hard to choose. Second, the quality is uneven, and even many businesses shoddy, or fake as true, do not have a considerable understanding of the materials, it is very easy to fall into the pit.

What are the ways of wall decoration

1. Wallpaper: after the wall surface is leveled, the wallpaper shall be paved. There are many kinds of wallpaper, hundreds or even thousands of kinds. The colors and patterns are very rich. You can always find your favorite style. Wallpaper dirty is also very simple. New wallpaper can be wiped directly with a wet cloth. If the wallpaper is old, you can take off the surface without further treatment. Just stick a new wallpaper. Wallpaper is the main way of wall decoration in Europe and America.

2. Make murals: after the wall surface is leveled, the whole wall is sprayed into a huge landscape painting from the ground to the top, or blue sky and white clouds, or dense forest and clear springs, which can give people a cordial feeling of returning to nature.

3. Wrap dado: from the ground up, make a dado with a height of about 1m around the wall with plates, which can protect the wall from the collision of furniture and external forces, facilitate cleaning, and visually divide the wall, so as to play a decorative role

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