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Ten functional advantages andcharacteristics of ceramic crystal sand particle sound-absorbing board


Issuing time:2022-09-19 18:14Author:Jolin

Ten functional advantages andcharacteristics of ceramic crystal sand particle sound-absorbing board颜色种类汇总3.png

Ceramiccrystal sand sound-absorbing board is a product of inorganic particles (naturalgravel, slag particles, etc.), which is a special improved inorganic particleacoustic decorative material. Arbitrary modeling ability makes it deeply lovedby architectural interior designers with full personality. Its unique materialcomposition can effectively resist damage, deformation and cracking caused byexternal environment



Itis a porous sound absorbing material formed by using a specific number ofnatural inorganic particles as the basic material and addingenvironment-friendly gelling solvent. This material can be made into variousshaped plane special-shaped acoustic fireproof panels, artistic wallboards,various functional architectural decorative components and various artisticshaped ceramic crystal sand relief acoustic panel products, such as super largepublic lobby, venue, theater, concert hall, multi-function hall, museum,exhibition hall, library, school, gymnasium and other architectural decorativeceramic crystal sand acoustic ceiling, ceramic crystal sand acoustic wallpanels, super large special special-shaped components.

Tenfunctional advantages and characteristics of ceramic crystal sand (particle)sound absorbing materials

Excellentmechanical properties. The compressive strength is 24.4Mpa (test standard GB/T50081-2002), the flexural strength is 7Mpa (test standard GB/T 7019-2014), andthe breaking load is comparable to GRG, which can resist strong external forcedamage.

Acousticadvantages. Through good modeling design, a sound absorption structure can beformed to achieve sound insulation and absorption. The sound absorptioncoefficient can reach 0.7~0.9, and the sound insulation can reach 30~42dB. Thesound absorption frequency can be customized, and the diffusion frequency canbe adjusted.

Green.Ceramic crystal sand particle sound-absorbing board is a non-metallic non fibermaterial, which has no formaldehyde emission, and its environmental performancereaches E1 level.

Fireprotection advantages. In the test, the ceramic crystal sand sound-absorbingboard has a fire rating of A, a smoke producing characteristic of S1, and acombustion particle rating of d0.

Maintainadvantages. It is resistant to acid and alkali, salt spray corrosion, andnatural colored sand can be selected without anti-corrosion treatment. It hasstrong weather resistance and does not fade outdoors for a long time.

Itis not easy to deform. The moisture expansion rate of the main material is lessthan 0.1%. The thermal expansion series is similar to the cement products, andthe durability is the same as that of the building.

Seamlessfinish. Ceiling and wall can support large-area seamless installation. Thesurface can be customized with white or any standard architectural color card.

Strongmodeling ability. Ceramic crystal sand sound-absorbing board can customize anyshape, texture and texture.

Theproduction cycle is short. The automatic mechanized production of ceramiccrystal sand products can greatly shorten the project cycle, with a dailyoutput of 2000 square meters.

Convenientconstruction. Ceramic crystal sand can be shaped arbitrarily according to thedesigner's design, and can be produced and divided in large blocks. The on-siteinstallation is fast and flexible, and large area seamless and tight assemblycan be carried out to form a complete shape. In particular, there is basicallyno error in such subtle points as openings, arcs and corners.

Ceramiccrystal sand sound-absorbing board is a more popular product in the field ofarchitectural acoustic decoration materials in the world; The product has fineand smooth surface texture, high strength, non-toxic and tasteless, green andenvironmental protection, convenient and simple installation, low cost, safetyand reliability. In recent years, it has gradually replaced foreign high pricedparticulate seamless sound absorption products, and ended the practice thatdomestic architectural acoustics industries have long relied on importedparticulate seamless sound absorption products.