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silicon crystal sound-absorbing boardmaterial.


Issuing time:2022-09-19 18:16Author:Jolin

A variety of excellent inorganicmaterials from nature are used for mining, and advanced adsorption technology,photocatalysis technology, inorganic crystal crystal conversion technology andbuilt-in moisture-proof technology are used to create an excellent newenvironment-friendly building material - silicon crystal sound-absorbing boardmaterial. 图片 35.png

Thesilicon crystal sound-absorbing board has the function of free breathing. The"free breathing silicon crystal board" uses the original ecologicalgreen and environment-friendly modified gypsum, uses the patented inlaid moldproduction process, and adds a variety of modified additives, so that thecrystallization parameters of gypsum in the crystallization process are farhigher than ordinary building gypsum, Thus, the bending resistance (high threecrystals, small porosity, compact structure), moisture resistance and waterresistance (built-in waterproof base, forming a hydrophobic film) of theproduct are significantly enhanced, the weight of the product per unit area issignificantly reduced, and its superior fire protection rating (A1 incombustible,thermal insulation) and environmental protection performance (natural affinityand respiratory function, moderate temperature and humidity adjustment), aswell as long-term color fastness, green environmental protection, light weight,high strength, elegant appearance It is easy to repair and other notablefeatures. This product assists in the decoration of cinemas, KTVs and bars.

1.Integrated ceiling supporting integration General decoration building materialsmanufacturers have only one or two products, which can not meet the customers'unified purchasing needs for the ceiling. In addition, different manufacturershave inconsistent control over the size, resulting in the ceiling is notmatched, the overall effect is not neat and beautiful, and the selection is toomonotonous. The Tengfei Putian products have a tight integration andcombination mode with the panel, which is completely different from the singledecoration and selectivity of traditional products, and have an elegant andchangeable style. 图片22.png

2.The advanced production process adopts the advanced high-speed mixerindependently developed and the inlaid mold production mode with patentedinvention. The weighing, mixing and mold vibration of powder, additive andwater are all completed by the automatic mixer. The green glass fiber rodreinforcement is added to the raw materials and the most advanced built-inwaterproof system of non-metallic building materials is adopted. The mostadvanced automatic spraying production line in China is adopted, The siliconcrystal sound-absorbing plate thus produced ensures the standardization andhigh-end of the product.
图片 39.png

3.Super moisture-proof and water resistant traditional high crystal plateproducts have loose internal crystal structure and are easy to absorb moisturein the air. Therefore, mildew and deformation will occur after a period of use,affecting the use effect. The Tengfei Putian silicon crystal sound-absorbingboard uses high-quality waterproof agent to meet the overall moistureresistance, that is, the product has moisture resistance from the surface tothe interior (only the surface moisture resistance treatment does not meet therequirements), which can fully meet various high humidity environments whenused. The maximum water absorption is ≤ 0.3%, the maximum moisture deflectionis ≤ 1mm, far below the national standards of 9% and 12mm. After many tests,the product can not be softened after 72 hours of continuous immersion, and thestrength of the product does not decrease after drying, and the color does notchange significantly.图片 19.png

4.Compared with traditional materials, the unit weight of Tengfei Putian standardhigh-strength board is 9 kg/m2, which is far lower than the national standardand enterprise standard of 12 kg/m2 under the same performance. The lightweightsilicon crystal sound-absorbing board is not easy to crack and fold, which canreduce the load of buildings, facilitate construction and maintenance, andprovide a comfortable and healthy living environment.
图片 14.png

5.Grade A1 fire prevention and fire retardancy is the most important qualityrequirement in the field of public buildings. The flame-retardant property ofTengfei Putian silicon crystal sound-absorbing board is far higher than that oftraditional products and national requirements, and its combustion performancereaches the national standard GB8624-2012. It is a completely incombustible (A1grade fire protection) material, which can fully meet the fire protectionrequirements in the public building field, so there is no worry abouttraditional materials being easy to burn and releasing toxic gases.
图片 38.png

6.The product characteristics of gypsum with super sound absorption performanceitself have certain sound absorption performance. According to the testingresults of the National Building Materials Testing Center, the sound absorptioncoefficient of Tengfei Putian standard high crystal sound absorption boardreached 0.6, which is far higher than the national standard of 0.3, providingusers with more choices and a safe and comfortable public environment. 图片 28.png

7.The traditional gypsum products have strong crack resistance and deformationresistance. After being used for a period of time, they will have differentdegrees of bending deformation, thus losing the flatness. The Tengfei Putiansilicon crystal sound-absorbing board is designed with a distinctive back platestructure. The back bars are flush with the side bars, and the deformationresistance is outstanding. Its fracture nuclear load is ≥ 495kg/m2, far higherthan the national standard of 147 kg/m2. 8. The green and environment-friendlysoaring Putian silicon crystal sound-absorbing board uses the originalecological green and environment-friendly modified gypsum. Its "modifiedgypsum" has skin friendly and antibacterial effects. Its formaldehyderelease is 0. When used, it can independently adjust the air quality,temperature and humidity, and has the function of free breathing. The productcomplies with the requirements of Class A decorative materials specified inGB6566-2010 Limits for Radionuclides in Building Materials. The detection valueof the internal exposure index is none, and the detection value of the externalexposure index is 0.0 (+), which is far lower than the national standards ofinternal exposure index ≤ 1.0 and external exposure index ≤ 1.3, reaching zeroradiation in the real sense. 9. It is highly decorative and easy to install andrepair. The Putian silicon crystal sound-absorbing board is installed in a flatway without opening another access door. The installation method is simple. Inthe process of maintenance, if there is a panel that needs to be replaced, justremove the panel directly. Each panel can be taken and placed flexibly, savingthe maintenance cost in the later period. 10. The normal service life of thedurable traditional gypsum board is 2-3 years, during which deformation,discoloration, mildew and other phenomena may occur. However, due to its uniqueproduction process, the high strength and high density of the product determinethe service life of the product, which is at least 15 years, and nodeformation, discoloration and other phenomena during the normal service life.

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