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Product Features of Grooved Wood Acoustic Board in Basketball Hall


Issuing time:2022-09-20 19:08Author:Jolin

Product Features of Grooved Wood Acoustic Board in Basketball Hall

1. Sound absorption, according to the acoustic principle, with reasonable cooperation, has excellent noise reduction and sound absorption performance, especially for low and medium frequency sound absorption.

2. Environmental protection, all materials meet the national environmental protection standards, and the formaldehyde content is low.

3. Flame retardant, with flame retardant grade B, which has passed the inspection of the national authoritative department. Flame retardant and fireproof, high safety performance, meeting the high fire protection requirements of the project.

4. Waterproof, the new products developed by the company have the characteristics of waterproof and moisture-proof.

5. It is safe, environment-friendly, odorless, beautiful, exquisite, and high-quality, and the high-quality environment-friendly substrate can also be touched by babies at will.

6. Crevice resonance, multi frequency sound absorption, plate back perforation, front slotting, sound waves reflected back and forth inside the slot and round hole, to achieve better sound absorption and noise reduction effect.

Product Details of Grooved Wood Acoustic Board in Basketball Hall

1. The installation is convenient, and the plug installation of the mother and child slots is more convenient and fast, and the connection is tight.

2. High density board, multi material high density board 33.音乐厅槽木吸音板 Music hall trough wood sound absorption board .pnghas good stability and can prolong the service life.

Scope of application of grooved wood acoustic board

Grooved wood acoustic panels can be used in rehearsal rooms, conference rooms, basketball halls, lecture halls, conference halls, gymnasiums, multi-function halls, drum rooms, theaters, classrooms, auditoriums, conference halls and other places with high acoustic requirements.

At present, the factory produces and sells special sound absorbing materials, including aluminum sound absorbing board, soft package sound absorbing board, grooved wood sound absorbing board, perforated sound absorbing board, glass magnesium sound absorbing board, polyester fiber sound absorbing board, space sound absorbing body, glass fiber ceiling sound absorbing board, art sound absorbing board, sandstone sound absorbing board, etc., which are suitable for places with high requirements on safety, fire prevention and environmental protection.

8阻燃槽木吸音板 Flame retardant trough wood sound-absorbing board.png

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