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There are so many advantages of the sound-absorbing board. After reading it, I decided to start


Issuing time:2022-09-20 19:21Author:Jolin

There are so many advantages of the sound-absorbing board. After reading it, I decided to start

Sound absorption board is useful in many places. Whether it is for home decoration or other decoration, it is a very good sound insulation material. What material is it composed of? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Why is he so popular?

What material is the sound-absorbing panel made of?
2.教室槽木吸音板 Classroom trough wood acoustic board .png

1. Finish: generally wood veneer, melamine paint or spray paint.

2. Sound absorption thin felt: black, pasted on the back of the sound absorption board, with fire sound absorption performance.

3. Slat: width 128mm, length not exceeding 2440mm, width tolerance 0.1mm, length tolerance 2mm.

4. Plate splicing: according to the actual needs, the long edges of the slats are made into convex and concave parts with a 90 degree angle for splicing.

Principle of sound absorption board: there are many small gaps on the sound absorption board, which can absorb sound waves, especially for sound waves with frequencies greater than 600Hz. When sound enters the hole, it will randomly reflect to the inner wall of the structure, somewhat like a sponge, until most of the energy of sound waves is consumed and turned into heat energy, and the sound absorption board achieves sound insulation effect.

What are its advantages and disadvantages?

1、 Advantages of acoustic panels

1. Excellent sound absorption performance.

2. Really environment-friendly acoustic materials. The process of wooden sound-absorbing board adopts the traditional forming process of density board. This bonding material is an inorganic adhesive material, so formaldehyde that is harmful to human body is completely eliminated.

3. High fire resistance, good heat insulation, fire rating of B1, good flame retardancy.

4. Free cutting and installation, simple construction.

5. It is light and safe. Wooden sound-absorbing boards minimize the decorative load on the ceiling and wall, making it safer and more labor-saving to use.

6. The decorative effect is also very good, catering to the European and American design trend and returning to nature without surface decoration. It can also be painted in any color with rich aesthetic feeling.4.排练室槽木吸音板 Rehearsal room trough wood sound-absorbing board.png

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