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A0103 wood wool sound-absorbing board


Issuing time:2022-09-20 21:46Author:jolin

"Wood fiber sound-absorbing board is made of aspen wood fiber and unique inorganic hard cement adhesive under high temperature and high pressure by continuous operation process. It has unique appearance, good sound absorption and unique surface filiform texture, giving a primitive and rough feeling and meeting the concept of modern people returning to nature图片 4.png

Product features: The wood fiber sound-absorbing board is made of aspen wood fiber, combined with unique inorganic hard cement adhesive, using continuous operation process under high temperature and high pressure. This product has the physical properties that can only be obtained by synthesizing several different building materials.

Unique appearance, good sound absorption -- the unique surface silk texture gives a primitive and rough feeling, meeting the concept of modern people returning to nature. The surface can be painted and sprayed for up to six times. The maximum sound absorption rate can reach 1.00.

Type: 1. Pure wood fiber sound-absorbing board

2. Magnesite wood fiber acoustic board

Strong structure -- strong structure, full of elasticity, impact resistance, can withstand repeated impact of basketball, football and volleyball without cracks or damage when used in the stadium.

Simple installation -- easy to cut, simple installation method, and general woodworking tools.

Antibacterial and moistureproof - 25 mm boards can be used under 85% humidity, including outdoor and natatorium, except where they are in direct contact with water.

Energy saving and thermal insulation, long service life -- mainly made of wood, with a thermal conductivity as low as 0.07, it has strong thermal insulation performance. Economical and durable, long service life, can be customized size.

Scope of use: The product is used in places with high requirements for sound quality environment, to show a high-quality public image, and to add a warm and harmonious business and office atmosphere. It is applicable to large theaters, concert halls, gymnasiums, banks, securities houses, airports, star rated hotels, senior office buildings, conference halls, negotiation rooms, reception halls and various cultural and entertainment venues in the construction field.

Installation method: there are two general installation methods of wood wool sound-absorbing board: wall installation and ceiling installation.

1. Wall installation

a. Make progress on the base surface, keep the construction surface dry and clean, and prohibit construction on the wet base surface. Because it is very easy to produce some unhealthy bacteria when it is closed due to dampness or uncleanness, which will lead to wall mildew.

b. In case of keel, ordinary stainless steel nails shall be nailed at an angle of 20mm thick from the side of the wood fiber sound-absorbing board, and the magic gun nails are generally used on the keel.

c. For light steel keel, when the high-rise building or the fire protection requirement level is high and the construction of wood keel may not be allowed, explosive screws are generally used to fix a small section of wood gasket on the light steel keel, and then the wood fiber sound-absorbing board is fixed on the wood veneer.

d. If there is no keel on the wall, use glass glue or other glue to directly bond the wood fiber sound-absorbing board. If possible, use magic gun nails to fix the corners.

2. Ceiling installation

A. Wood fiber sound-absorbing board shall be installed on the common exposed frame or semi exposed frame keel, which shall be selected when selecting the keel

(600 * 600mm or 600 * 1200mm), depending on the weight of the wood wool sound-absorbing board.

B. The installation method of keel is much the same as that of wall keel. Please refer to the keel installation method above. The keel shall be installed with safety helmet and safety belt, with the cooperation of many people.

C. After the keel is erected, the wood wool sound-absorbing board is generally fixed on the keel by means of screws. "

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