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Types, sizes, performance characteristics and installation and construction technology of pu stone

Issuing time:2021-07-19 14:58

Material collision has always been the pursuit of designers

A visual sensory impact effect

In the past two years, bump stone finishes

Appears in many desktop classic cases

But most people still stay away

After all, such as raw materials, cost,

Problems such as transportation and construction are difficult to solve

But in fact, there is a kind of imitation stone finish-pu stone

Able to "reverse the real with the fake",

Has been widely used abroad

Because many foreign buildings are mostly wood-based

Pu stone is widely used in the decoration of building exterior walls

It’s just not well known by the domestic public

Today’s article will take you to decrypt this type of

Such a realistic imitation stone finish-"pu stone"

What kind of material is it?


1. What is PU stone?

Let’s analyze it from its original components

The Chinese definition of "pu" is polyurethane, the full name is polyurethane

It contains repeating carbamate groups on the main chain

General term for macromolecular compounds

It is made of organic diisocyanate

Or polyisocyanate and dihydroxy

Or polyhydroxy compound polyaddition to form polyurethane material

Very versatile, it can replace rubber, plastic, nylon and other products

The features are as follows:

(1) Long service life, reducing cost

(2) Temperature resistance is between minus 20 degrees and high temperature 120 degrees

(3) Polyurethane products are pollution-free, non-toxic and tasteless.

Now it has been widely used in airports, hotels, building materials, automobile factories

Coal mines, cement plants, high-end apartments, villas

Landscaping, colorful stone art, parks, etc.

From the perspective of raw materials, pu stone is more like a new cross-border material.

Apply familiar materials to the decoration materials that restore real stone.

In terms of technology, the raw materials are pressed through the mold, and the color inside the mold is used at the same time.

Usually pu stone with the same appearance will develop 2-4 sets of molds,

The shape of all molds are based on real stone to achieve a more realistic splicing effect.

The surface is protected by spraying with water-based environmentally-friendly paint for exterior wall waterproofing


2. Product types of PU stone

So what are the specific categories of pu stone?

All cultural stones are available in the shape of pu stones

For example, in our traditional concept

Great Wall Stone, Tile Slab, Flowing Water Stone, etc.

In addition, there are more distinctive

Concrete cement board, mushroom stone.

The most distinctive style is stone skin

The effect is close to some classic cases

The uneven stone modeling used

We all know that the comprehensive cost of the original ecological rubble is very high

In addition to the material itself, a steel frame structure needs to be built during construction

And it consumes a lot of manpower and material resources and in some high-rise areas

There are still certain security risks,

So, at this time pu stone has become the preferred substitute

The size and length of conventional models such as Great Wall Stone and Flowing Water Stone

Range from 1115 to 1200, width ranges from 180 to 310

The conventional sizes of concrete cement board and mushroom stone are

1200*600, 1200*450

The regular size of stone skin is

2400*800, 2400*300, 1200*600

3. The performance characteristics of PU stone

·Environmental protection·

Due to the properties of raw materials

And the synthesis of pu stone does not add too many artificial materials


Can be used on almost any dry flat substrate indoors

Direct installation time and the time period required for the entire project

Much less than the installation time of traditional cultural stone products


Because it is made of high-tech materials, the weight is light

Without the cooperation of other machinery, the installation can be completed by a single person


The product is composed of polymer materials and sprayed with multi-layer high-strength coatings

Make it acid-resistant, sun-proof, UV-resistant, and lasting longer

·Easy to install·

The product is designed as an inner card structure, with tongue edges, full slots and reserved seams.

Most of the work does not require caulking, you can directly use screws and nails to complete the installation

·Real appearance·

The product mold is finely polished according to real stones

Coupled with special process treatment, the appearance of the product is vivid and delicate

No different from real stone


Has passed professional waterproof, insect-proof, flame-retardant, and windproof tests

Can be applied to almost any flat substrate indoors, basements and outdoors


4. The construction process of PU stone

So let's talk about the construction part next.

The construction process of pu stone is very simple

It only needs to be applied on a flat rough wall

And because of its lightness

The scene can be cut at will according to the design effect

This does greatly save labor and time costs

Through the above analysis, it seems that pu stone looks full of advantages

So does it have any shortcomings? It must be there.

For example, some traditional categories that overlap with cultural stones

The price of pu stone is significantly higher, even if the construction is more convenient

But if the project is very focused on material budget

Then pu stone has no advantage. Another example

The most distinctive category of pu stone-imitating Taiwan stone skin

Even if it can restore the real stone effect very truly

And can greatly reduce various costs

But it is not real stone after all, some of the surface feels not as heavy as real stone

But on the whole, pu stone is considered to have a high safety factor,

Imitation stone finishes with very high cost performance

Detailed explanation of PU stone construction and installation steps

︎Measure 4CM from the bottom and draw a line with chalk;

︎Put the top of the line on the position of the line;

︎In this way, there will be a 1CM gap at the bottom of the board;

︎Lock 1 screw per 16CM, and install the line on the substrate;

︎Make sure to leave room for corner fittings.

Mounting Accessories

︎The design of the product is used with accessories;

︎The use of accessories can make the project smoother and more professional;

︎If you use accessories, there will be no exposed corners after installation, and most installations do not require caulking.

Door trim installation

︎Please use a level when positioning the door edge strips.

︎Measure the total height of the wall before installing the bar.

Note: This step can be omitted as appropriate

Slanted edge

︎Cut the top of the side strip into a 15°angle, and stick the long side of the corner on the wall.

Installation corner

︎ Drill holes along the upper end of the product and the order placed along the inner side of the main body to ensure that the product is firmly installed on the bottom substrate.

Board installation

︎From the left, take a complete board and insert the bottom edge into the groove of the line.

︎Insert the board behind the door rail.

Screw the board to the wall

︎Use the screw positioning point, use the screw to place the board on the substrate, use 1 screw per 16CM, and at least 4 screws per board.

Complete the first layer

︎Measure the length of the last board: 1CM from the seam to the inserting fitting.

Cutting board

︎It is easy to cut the board to the required length, and any type of saw can be used.

No special tools are required.

Complete the first layer

︎Install the last board down on the line and insert it behind the accessory.

︎Finally, move the board to the left until the seams are connected together.

Start the second layer

︎Staggered placement of the boards can prevent the joint line from being too obvious.

︎Use a section of a board and start the second layer from the left.

︎If there is a piece left before, please use it.

Slanted edge

︎Install the board on the tongue side of the next layer;

︎Then insert the board to the left behind the edge strip;

︎Lock the screws as before.

Complete the second layer

︎Measure the length from the end of the layer, and cut the board to this length. Remember to leave 1cm length behind the accessories.

Install the top layer

︎Install the board down on the next layer, and lock the screws as described previously.

Install bars

︎The horizontal bar realizes the ideal transition to other materials;

︎The horizontal bar can be installed in 3 different ways;

︎In this application, the horizontal bar is directly installed on the tongue side of the top board.

Slanted edge

︎First of all, measure how long the bar is needed in total;

︎It is very important that the places close to the wall on both sides should be finished with painted strip ends;

︎It is best to measure the total length first, and then cut an equal number of horizontal bars on both sides of the center line of the wall;

︎This will make the connection between each section of the horizontal bar and the last section of the horizontal bar tightly;

Measure and cut out a horizontal strip as the middle section;

︎Cut off the end to achieve a good splicing effect.

Slanted edge

︎Use screws to lock the horizontal bar on the base material below, the minimum screw spacing is 16CM;

︎It is recommended to use glue separately;

︎Before applying glue, lightly sand the joints, the bonding effect will be better.

Installation and transition

︎No baffle is required for indoor applications;

︎The transition material baffle is installed on the horizontal bar, which can block the screws to get a professional effect.

Outdoor baffle

︎In order to control humidity, baffles need to be installed in outdoor applications;

︎The baffle covers the screws to get a professional effect.

Line installation

︎Ensure that the corners are at right angles;

︎Measure 3CM upwards from the bottom of the area to be covered by the wall;

︎Retreat 1¾CM from the outer corner to place the line;

︎Measure up to 3CM size at the other end of the coverage area and draw a line with chalk;

︎Place the top of the line on the line and fix it with screws. The "V" groove at the bottom of the line should be outward;

︎There will be a space of ¼ CM between the line and the ground. If you want to leave more space, adjust the line height appropriately.

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