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A0103 wood wool sound-absorbing board

name名称: A0103 wood wool sound-absorbing board
application应用: Bar/KTV only For cinemas/theaters Special for studio/recording studio Office/conference hall dedicated Dedicated to gymnasium/multi-function hall For restaurant/banquet hall For Music Room/Concert Hal
advantage优势: Safe, environment-friendly and odor free
Specifications规格: 600mm*1200*8mm.10mm.15mm.20mm 600mm*1200*8mm.10mm.15mm.20mm  1200mm*2400mm*8mm.10mm.15mm.20mm 1200mm*2400mm*8mm.10mm.15mm.20mm
学名 Scientific name: wood wool sound-absorbing board

Wood fiber sound-absorbing board is made of aspen wood fiber and unique inorganic hard cement adhesive under high temperature and high pressure by continuous operation process. It has unique appearance, good sound absorption and unique surface filiform texture, giving a primitive and rough feeling and meeting the concept of modern people returning to nature

Product features: The wood fiber sound-absorbing board is made of aspen wood fiber, combined with unique inorganic hard cement adhesive, using continuous operation process under high temperature and high pressure. This product has the physical properties that can only be obtained by synthesizing several different building materials.

Unique appearance, good sound absorption -- the unique surface silk texture gives a primitive and rough feeling, meeting the concept of modern people returning to nature. The surface can be painted and sprayed for up to six times. The maximum sound absorption rate can reach 1.00.

Type: 1. Pure wood fiber sound-absorbing board

2. Magnesite wood fiber acoustic board

Strong structure -- strong structure, full of elasticity, impact resistance, can withstand repeated impact of basketball, football and volleyball without cracks or damage when used in the stadium.

Simple installation -- easy to cut, simple installation method, and general woodworking tools.

Antibacterial and moistureproof - 25 mm boards can be used under 85% humidity, including outdoor and natatorium, except where they are in direct contact with water.

Energy saving and thermal insulation, long service life -- mainly made of wood, with a thermal conductivity as low as 0.07, it has strong thermal insulation performance. Economical and durable, long service life, can be customized size.

Scope of use: The product is used in places with high requirements for sound quality environment, to show a high-quality public image, and to add a warm and harmonious business and office atmosphere. It is applicable to large theaters, concert halls, gymnasiums, banks, securities houses, airports, star rated hotels, senior office buildings, conference halls, negotiation rooms, reception halls and various cultural and entertainment venues in the construction field.

Installation method: there are two general installation methods of wood wool sound-absorbing board: wall installation and ceiling installation.

1. Wall installation

a. Make progress on the base surface, keep the construction surface dry and clean, and prohibit construction on the wet base surface. Because it is very easy to produce some unhealthy bacteria when it is closed due to dampness or uncleanness, which will lead to wall mildew.

b. In case of keel, ordinary stainless steel nails shall be nailed at an angle of 20mm thick from the side of the wood fiber sound-absorbing board, and the magic gun nails are generally used on the keel.

c. For light steel keel, when the high-rise building or the fire protection requirement level is high and the construction of wood keel may not be allowed, explosive screws are generally used to fix a small section of wood gasket on the light steel keel, and then the wood fiber sound-absorbing board is fixed on the wood veneer.

d. If there is no keel on the wall, use glass glue or other glue to directly bond the wood fiber sound-absorbing board. If possible, use magic gun nails to fix the corners.

2. Ceiling installation

A. Wood fiber sound-absorbing board shall be installed on the common exposed frame or semi exposed frame keel, which shall be selected when selecting the keel

(600 * 600mm or 600 * 1200mm), depending on the weight of the wood wool sound-absorbing board.

B. The installation method of keel is much the same as that of wall keel. Please refer to the keel installation method above. The keel shall be installed with safety helmet and safety belt, with the cooperation of many people.

C. After the keel is erected, the wood wool sound-absorbing board is generally fixed on the keel by means of screws. "

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1.The initial focus of product research anddevelopment: fire resistance and flame retardancy. The physical characteristicscan only be obtained by synthesizing several different building materials, withhigh fire resistance of Class B1


2.Initial research and development focus:the surface filiform texture has a unique appearance and sound absorption isgood - the unique surface filiform texture gives a feeling of primitiveroughness and elegance


The initial focus of product functionresearch and development: thermal insulation. As it is mainly made of wood, thethermal conductivity is as low as 0.07. It has strong thermal insulationperformance, is economical and durable, and has a service life of up to 50years



Sound absorption performance: The soundabsorption characteristics of wood fiber sound absorption board and otherporous materials are similar. The sound absorption coefficient increases withthe increase of frequency. The sound absorption coefficient of high frequencyis large. The cavity left on the back and the spatial sound absorber formed byit can greatly improve the sound absorption effect of the material. The noisereduction coefficient is about 0.8-1.10, becoming a broadband efficient soundabsorber



A variety of colors are optional, avariety of styles are customized, and finished products are wholesale If youneed other colors and styles or wholesale, please consult us to try our best tomeet your needs. The wood wool sound-absorbing board can be customized invarious colors and can be combined into various patterns. The decoration isfashionable and simple. It is the most popular decoration material for modernyouth and suitable for decoration in various occasions


With the environmental protectionindustry and the monitoring of environmental protection departments indeveloping countries, the formaldehyde emission is required to be less than1.5mg, and the monitoring result is 0.5mg Meet the national standard GB18580-2001Elevel requirements, and the composite is directly suitable for interiordecoration requirements



Initial focus of product research anddevelopment: fire resistance and impact resistance. The wood fibersound-absorbing board has a certain fire resistance effect. The wood fibersound-absorbing board has uniform texture, fine workmanship, complex structure,and strong impact resistance. It is suitable for the decoration of variouslarge activity squares, conference rooms, and cinemas



Do you know the harm of noise? Noisepollution is harmful to people, animals, instruments and buildings. The degreeof harm mainly depends on the frequency, intensity and exposure time of noise.Noise hazards mainly include: 1. Noise damage to hearing 2. Noise can inducemany diseases

Because noise acts on the central nervoussystem of the brain through the auditory organs, so that it affects all organsof the body, noise not only causes damage to human hearing, but also bringsharm to other systems of the human body. Because of the effect of noise, itwill produce neurasthenia symptoms such as headache, brain swelling, tinnitus,sleeplessness, general fatigue and memory loss. Compared with the situation inlow noise environment, people who work in high noise environment for a long timehave high blood pressure, The incidence rate of arteriosclerosis and coronaryheart disease is 2-3 times higher


Functions of silk wood sound-absorbing board:

Sound absorption

Sound insulation


Free splicing (personalized DIY mosaic)


Material characteristics of silk wood sound-absorbing board: the surface is filiform texture, giving a feeling of primitive coarse ore, meeting the modern people's concept of returning to nature. The surface can be painted and sprayed, and the soil can be removed up to six times2丝木吸音板特色.png

Convenient construction: the cut is straight and neat, the plate and the plate parts are highly jointed, the construction effect is good, and the gap is small


Strong and elastic structure, combined with high-quality materials, is impact resistant and anti riot When used in the gym, it can withstand repeated impacts of basketball, football and volleyball without cracks or damage



Wood wool sound-absorbing board, sold directly by the manufacturer, supporting customized shapes and colors厂家直销.png

Factory corner

Silk board drying

automatic production line

Sound absorbing board production line

Workshop inventory

Packing and shipping


Raw material drying display1.原料晒干展示 Raw material drying display .png

Order placing process 1. Online consultation 2. Design scheme 3. Confirmation effect 4. Budget quotation 5. Advance deposit cooperation 6. Production processing 7. Goods online confirmation transportation 8. Balance payment confirmation after-sales service


01. Wall installation method

1. Build wooden wire sound-absorbing board keel

2. Filled with sound insulation felt+sound absorption cotton

3. Nail the wood wool sound-absorbing board to the wall directly with the gun top


02. Ceiling installation method 1. Ceiling ceiling keel installation 2. Direct use of acoustic board installation


Engineering case

Auditorium,Church,National Convention Center,Resort hotel,Gymnasium

1.Effect after decoration of sound-absorbing board in college gymnasium1学院体育馆 College Gymnasium.png

2.Decoration effect of silk wood sound-absorbing board in office building
2.办公楼丝木吸音板装修效果 Decoration effect of silk wood sound-absorbing board in office building .png

3.The effect of the repair of the sound absorption board installed in the cinema
3.3.电影院装丝木吸音板修后效果 The effect of the repair of the sound absorption board installed in the cinema.png

4. Decoration effect of silk wood sound-absorbing board in hospital waiting room
4.医院侯诊室丝木吸音板装修效果 4. Decoration effect of silk wood sound-absorbing board in hospital waiting roo.png

6.Decoration effect of office ceiling silk wood sound-absorbing board

5.办公室天花板丝木吸音板装修效果呈现 Decoration effect of office ceiling silk wood sound-absorbing board .png

Order placing process
1. Online consultation
2. Design scheme
3. Confirmation effect

4. Budget quotation

5. Advance deposit cooperation

6. Production processing

7. Goods online confirmation transportation

8. Balance payment confirmation after-sales service
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