Stone background wall

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Stone background wall

Stone background wall is an indispensable wall decoration in home decoration design. It is not only beautiful and atmospheric, but also has sound absorption, sound insulation, wave absorption and other functions. There are many places where the background wall can be decorated, such as sofa background wall, TV background wall and so on.

Stone background wall of high-grade materials, generally choose stone, especially TV stone background wall, in the home decoration design, has become the "focus", but also one of the key points of large apartment, occupies a very important position in the decoration, not only attracted people's attention, but also reflects the owner's taste and personalized special space.

The Chinese name stone background wall is used for wall decoration. It is suitable for home decoration. High grade materials are commonly used in living room, living room and master bedroom.


1. Key points of construction

2 stone surface design

3 main procedures

Key points of construction

Stone background wall decoration design occupies a very important position in home decoration, which is commonly used in living room, living room and master bedroom. Usually, the background wall of living room and living room is often considered to be combined with TV and sound, which is also the need of modern life. Background wall decoration design can make the finishing point of the whole home decoration style, as well as the home owner's cultural taste.

There are many ways to make it, such as gypsum board modeling, aluminum-plastic board, Malay paint, paint color modeling, wood paint modeling, glass, stone modeling, and wallpaper.

During the production, we should consider: if it is a wall mounted TV set, the wall should have a place (with embedded pendant or solid base) and enough sockets (suggestion: bury a thick PVC pipe, through which all the wires can go to the TV cabinet below (DVD line, closed circuit line, VGA line, etc.). Consider the width of the living room: the best distance between people's eyes and the TV is 3.5 times the size of the TV, so don't make the TV wall too thick, resulting in the narrow living room.

Consider the position of the sofa, after the sofa position is determined, determine the position of the TV, and then determine the shape of the modeling wall by the size of the TV. Consider the light echo above the TV: the TV wall generally echoes with the local ceiling on the top, and there are lights on the ceiling, so we should consider the wall shape and the light echo, and also consider not to irradiate the TV with strong light, so as to avoid eye fatigue when watching the program.

When carpenter makes TV wall, look at the air conditioner socket. Don't seal the air conditioner socket. If you want to seal it, move the socket out.

In the construction of modeling wall, the thickness of floor tiles and the height of skirting line should be taken into account to make each modeling coordinated. If there is no skirting line designed, the installation of panel and gypsum board should be after the construction of floor tiles to prevent moisture.

Editing voice of stone surface design

Stone surface processing methods include polishing, matte, sand spraying, axe cutting, water flushing, fire and so on. Previously, most of them chose polishing or polishing.

There is an inevitable problem in the processing of smooth surface - reflection. No matter how harmonious colors and beautiful texture patterns are in the original design, the reflection of smooth marble destroys the overall visual effect and becomes the long-term pain of owners (users). Especially for the black marble, the reflection problem is particularly serious, which makes people feel dazzling and uncomfortable. At the same time, there will also be the reflection effect in space.

The use of non smooth stone has better effect. Nowadays, the mainstream design in Europe and the United States is mainly non smooth design which does not cause light pollution. It uses retro surface, water washed surface, sand spraying surface, fire surface and other processing, which has a natural and harmonious charm.

If you have to choose smooth marble, you can flatlight the light, so that the light does not produce reflective glare, so you can. However, this has to be handled on site, and the lights and wiring have to be changed.

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