Background wall (home decoration art) voice editing discussion upload video

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Background wall (home decoration art) voice editing discussion upload video

Background wall, the foreign name background wall, is a kind of home decoration art decorated in the TV, sofa, porch, bedroom wall and so on in the family living room. The style is diverse, the conception is novel and the craft is advanced, which not only meets the needs of the consumer decoration, but also reflects the artistic temperament, and is the combination of Commerce and art.

The background wall has the functions of sound absorption, sound insulation and wave absorption, and can also be used in the decoration of hotels, hotels, KTV, nightclubs and other entertainment places, and also can be applied to the wall decoration with professional sound absorption and sound insulation requirements such as performance hall, cinema, opera house, audio-visual room, performance hall and recording room.

There are many kinds of design classification of the background wall, which can be decorated directly with one kind of material to the whole background wall, or the local background wall with multiple elements. The color selection and matching of the bedroom should be in accordance with the host's psychological feeling as the principle[ 1]

Chinese name background wall foreign name background wall alias custom background wall, background wall space application scope family living room, hotel, hotel, KTV and other advantages of novel ideas, advanced technology function sound absorption, sound insulation, wave absorption


1. Function introduction

2. Space composition of background wall

3. Common design classification

4 material classification

▪ Fabric / paper

▪ ceramic tile

▪ Marble

▪ Ruler

▪ Synthetic stone

▪ Wooden background wall

5. Decoration style

▪ Chinese style

▪ Modern simplicity

▪ European luxury

▪ European style garden

▪ European simplicity

6 categories

▪ Color relief

▪ Seaweed mud

▪ Collage

7 Market

8 color selection

9 wall painting

10 market prospects

11 relevant information

▪ Design is not appropriate

▪ Other matters

Function introduction edit voice

The wall decoration with sound absorption, sound insulation and wave absorption functions can not only be used in the home decoration of the TV background wall of the family living room, sofa background wall, Xuanguan, bedroom wall, etc., but also can be used in the decoration of hotel, hotel, KTV and nightclub, and can also be used in the performing arts hall, cinema, opera house, audio-visual room, performance hall, etc Sound absorption and sound insulation in recording room requires professional wall decoration. With beautiful background wall, it has removed the original boring feeling of the bedroom, bringing the consumers a lively and warm living room.

Living room is a place for family leisure, family and friends to meet. The entertainment means of the public family are mainly watching TV, watching VCD, singing karaoke, etc. so, the TV background wall of the living room has become the most attractive place for people. In fact, in the design of home decoration, the TV background wall has already become the "focus" of design, and also a special space reflecting the owner's individuality. TV wall, which is the decorative wall of TV background, is one of the key points of the decoration of the living room, especially the large-sized room. It occupies a very important position in the decoration. The TV wall is usually used to make up for the open space of the TV background wall in the living room and also play the role of decorating the living room. Because the TV wall is the place where family eyes most, it will be boring to watch for a long time, so the decoration is particularly exquisite. It should be said that how to decorate the TV background wall beautifully is a matter that the owner is very bothered about. There are many decorative materials available for the background decoration wall of TV cabinet, including wood, natural stone, and artificial cultural bricks and cloth. But for the TV background wall, it is not very important to adopt any material. The main thing is to consider the beauty of this part of the shape and the influence on the whole space. There are designers who use mineral wool sound absorption board as the material to make the TV sound absorption wall, that is, stick the mineral wool sound absorption board on the flat wall or joinery board, and combine them into certain patterns through careful design, It can also be used to spray the sound absorption board into its favorite color, which has both decoration and strong practicability, and plays the role of indoor sound absorption and noise reduction. The selection of background wall must be combined with fashion and classic, so that people are not easy to produce visual fatigue.

Background wall space composition editing voice

1. background wall

The entire background wall is generally formed by cloth / paper, tile, stone, wood and metal [2].

2. wall painting / decoration painting

Generally in the upper part of the wall, decorative calligraphy and painting can improve the space artistic conception very well.

3. skirt / Wall Sticker

Generally, PVC materials, non-woven fabrics and wood fiber decorative walls [4], it plays a role in decoration and protection of walls or columns.

Common design classification editing voice

1. background wall

2. background wall + wall painting / decoration painting

3. wall painting / decoration painting + skirting line

4. wall painting / decoration painting + skirt / Wall Sticker

Material classification editing voice

With cloth / paper, tile, marble and wooden background wall, etc. [5]

Fabric / paper

Background wall picture

Background wall picture

With the development of modern life, the background walls of cloth and paper materials are more and more popular among millions of people. The main reason is that the cost-effective of the background walls of cloth and paper materials is high, and the 3D perspective can be simulated in aesthetic terms, so as to achieve the three-dimensional effect. Cloth is generally used in the cotton cloth, real silk cloth and non-woven cloth.

ceramic tile

Art tile is to use the latest printing technology of the present age, coupled with special production technology, can print any favorite art on the ordinary common tiles of different materials we see everyday, so that each regular tile becomes one piece of art. The art tile is laid on the interior wall and becomes the art tile background wall.

Background wall picture

Background wall picture

Artistic tiles are divided into two types: magic + fine carving and illusion + plane:

Precision carving: combining high-tech technology of glaze burning and micro carving, the bump picture is undulating with high temperature sintering color, and has strong stereoscopic permeability, high fidelity and long-term preservation, and high collection value. It is a new material and a new process. For hard raw materials such as ceramics and glass, the precision carving has the following advantages: the shape of the pattern is not limited, the concave and convex depth of different degrees, the edge of the precision carving can be vertical and multi-level.

Illusion: for raw materials, there are concave and convex, light, dumb and color lines, and the image restoration is high, with resolution of up to 36 million pixels, and the image texture is fine, which can be compared with the effect of real-time painting in advertising.

1. the decoration effect is very high-grade, there are many kinds of patterns. You can choose the TV background wall pattern according to their own decoration style and preference, such as Chinese style, European style, modern style, etc.

2. it is generally customized. It is characterized by the design burning or carving on the tile, and then coloring. The effect is very realistic, and it will never fade color, waterproof and moisture-proof and durable.

3. because it is customized by personality, it can be customized according to your actual decoration size, so it may be unique near your neighbor.

4. as the highlight of living room decoration, TV background wall can reflect the taste and artistic cultivation of the host. Therefore, it is very important to choose TV background wall and material, and the ceramic tile TV background wall can help you solve this problem.

5. safe and environmental protection, convenient construction and harmless to people.


Natural marble TV curtain wall is the most easy place to improve and show the decoration effect and taste in interior decoration. Each natural stone curtain wall can not describe and explain her beauty and uniqueness in words. So more and more people choose marble TV curtain wall to decorate their homes in the trend of high-end, gorgeous and luxurious life quality. This trend is more reflected in the high-grade decoration.

How can we design a beautiful and unique marble TV curtain wall? Here you will be introduced to some design points of marble TV curtain wall design.

Selection of stone material color:

Marble has a variety of varieties and varied patterns, with artistic color. When we choose marble, we can choose simple and elegant fine flower lines, or win by the distinctive and prominent decoration. When choosing light color (white, beige, light gray, pink, etc.) marble as the TV curtain wall, the warm color will make the home decoration more integrated. When using dark (black, gray, coffee, red, green) marble to make TV walls, it can improve the spatial texture of the home at a very fast pace. Like a unique natural art work, it will become the visual focus of the whole living room. And with the same series of marble to design TV cabinet, will be more harmonious atmosphere. There are also marble with pattern (or granite with pattern) to design curtain walls, which will create new natural wind and a new and unique design.

However, it is important to pay attention to the overall collocation of decoration is the first priority regardless of the choice of deep and light color system. At the same time, the most important influence of the composition of stone is her innate pattern. This design point must be firmly grasped, because there will be thousands of changes in the same stone. In the past, the pattern of mosaic has been slightly monotonous, and has gradually lost the designer's love; Picasso style staggered splicing can reflect the artistic sense, while the marble plate as the unit, disorderly and orderly chip insertion, will lead the trend. Moreover, because of the participation in the creation of computer simulation puzzle, it can simulate multiple pattern splicing effects, and the owner can also provide suggestions according to the effect.


The background wall of the scale adopts imported materials to synthesize light ceramics (this composite material is widely used in aviation industry products), which is light in weight and has a strong adsorption function. Far away, as sculpture, near view, there are many magic blocks splicing, theme modeling for landscape painting, exotic customs, modern simple fashion style, etc. The same magic block can be combined into a font type, field type, vertical bar type and other arbitrary combination into various patterns. It can be hung separately, but also can be combined in multiple combinations. The DIY is good-looking and fun. The pattern can be changed freely, convenient and fast. These exquisite relief patterns, three-dimensional shapes, lifelike and assembled on the surface of these magic blocks, are also a collection of high value art works, which play a finishing role in home decoration.

Synthetic stone

3d background wall is made of crushed natural surface stone, and the binder is made by adding activated carbon and mica stone and clay as binder through constant pressure and high temperature. The product specifications are different, 200mm * 200mm, 300mm * 300mm, 300mm * 600mm, 600mm * 600mm. It is rich in color and simple and generous. It makes customers have more options when they are making background walls. It is convenient to construct and simple. The decoration effect is high-end and high-end, and the traditional background wall is not rich in color, which can cause consumers' visual fatigue. The unique performance of the product is not only used for the home TV background wall, sofa background wall bedroom porch and other family decoration, but also widely used in the decoration of places with high fire requirements such as business club, star hotel and nightclub KTV.

Wooden background wall

The wooden background wall has good thermostability and noise reduction, which not only can effectively protect the building wall, but also has excellent decoration. The quality sense brought by solid wood coating has further improved the level of space and is welcomed by numerous families. The decoration panel is fresh and natural in color, which can achieve the appearance effect of solid wood, but the cost is far lower than that of solid wood. Wooden decorative panel is light and has good decoration effect. It is an ideal background wall material and easy to install.

Decorative style editing voice

Chinese style

Chinese style is the interior decoration design style of Chinese classical architecture represented by palace architecture. It has magnificent momentum, magnificent and magnificent, high space, deep development, carved beam building and splendid gold and blue color. The color emphasizes on the contrast decoration materials mainly based on wood, and the pattern is multi dragon, Phoenix, turtle, lion, etc., which is exquisite and exquisite. But the decoration cost of Chinese style is high, and the lack of modern flavor is suitable for people with stable character and like Chinese traditional culture.

Modern simplicity

It is composed of curves and asymmetrical lines, such as flower stalk, flower bud, vine, insect wings and various beautiful and wavy shapes in nature, which are decorated with walls, railings, window mullions and furniture. Some lines are soft and elegant, some are strong and rhythmic. The whole three-dimensional form is integrated with orderly and rhythmic curves. A large number of iron components are used, and new technologies such as glass and ceramic tiles, as well as iron products and ceramic products are comprehensively used in the interior. Pay attention to indoor and outdoor communication, try to introduce new ideas to interior decoration art.

European luxury

The overall embodiment of life quality, in detail, luxury, are high-grade decoration. Most of the design elements are related to the circle, mainly white, mainly from roman columns, carved decorations, Rococo furniture, European ancient culture, Crystal Palace lights, etc. In space, the overall coordination reflects the elegance and splendor everywhere, and the applicable population is mostly senior officials and successful business people.

European style garden

European style of pastoral style advocates "returning to nature", advocating "natural beauty", and striving to show leisurely, comfortable and natural pastoral life. The open space structure makes the design more casual, and the material is mainly classical decorative painting or objects, fireplace, log products, rattan woven objects, etc. This natural style is suitable for business success, returnees, small-scale people and white-collar people.

European simplicity

The European style is a kind of classical style, which is from the whole to the layout, from the space to the interior furnishing, which gives a "meticulous" impression. Pay attention to the matching of materials and furniture colors, simple but not simple, mainly for the pursuit of perfect, simple lifestyle of gold collar, silver collar family.

Category edit voice

Color relief

The color relief background wall is a high-tech application product of the National 863 plan. The high-grade quartz stone is specially selected as the base material, and it is made by the three-dimensional spray painting true color restoration technology on the basis of it. Its pattern is rich and colorful, and the personality is selected, which increases the colorful space for home decoration.

Color relief background wall

Color relief background wall (2 pieces)

The background wall of color relief is a new generation of interior decoration art after sandstone and cultural stone. It combines painting art, relief culture and modern decoration concept through careful design, exquisite workmanship and bright color. Style covers: European oil painting, landscape painting, characters, flowers and birds, abstract patterns, etc. It is mainly applicable to TV background wall, sofa background wall, corporate image wall, Chinese and European style Chinese style Central Hall painting, hotel lobby decoration, high-grade villa decoration, etc.

The color relief background wall has the characteristics of high strength, anti pollution, corrosion resistance, etc., which can be washed by water, and will never fade and deformation.

Seaweed mud

The background wall of seaweed mud is soft in color. When people live in the living room coated with seaweed mud, the reflection light on the wall is naturally soft, and people are not prone to visual fatigue, which effectively protects the vision of you and your family, especially for children. Meanwhile, the color of diatom mud wall is long-term, and it is not easy to fade. The wall surface is as new for a long time, which increases the life of the wall, reduces the decoration times of the wall, and saves the cost of the room.


Collage mirror is a kind of green and high-end high-quality art glass product, which has not only good green environmental protection, visual beauty, but also irreplaceable special performance such as heat insulation and sound insulation, and has strong decorative function. It has no natural marble radiation harm, no other formaldehyde and benzene series pollution, the quality of life has been improved constantly, the rise of home decoration, decorative art glass mirror has come out of the past KTV, hotel, hotel, and began to enter the ordinary people, whether they are the family bedroom hall or corridor and bathroom, can build an elegant atmosphere home living environment. Mirror glass is a mirror integrated, colorful, common mirror glass to gold mirror, purple mirror, tea mirror, gray mirror, black mirror and other mirror forms. The glass style of collage glass is different and wonderful.

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